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  • Welcome to Retreat Like A Beast!

We are PVP and PVE guild.  We are laid back and we try to work together as unit, but realize people have lives outside the guild so we know you can't make it to everything we do, but if you join we expect you to hang out with us.

  Here is some rules that you should know:

  • We must ask that if you apply for the guild you be at least 15 years old. We do not want parents to be angry with their children being exposed to anything they think is inappropriate, we also wish to makes sure that the people in our guild act maturely, so please refrain from applying if you are younger. 
  • We are a friendly guild, we do not degrade, hurt or pester others with out provocation, (degrading and hurting people emotional we try not to do even when provoked).
  • We do no recruit like assholes, which includes spamming our guild name, rank or why recruiting in chat of any kind.
  • We do like to gank the alliance and we do condone it.
  • We are very laid back, but we do not want you making promises that you cannot keep, such as signing up to stuff and not showing up, we understand if you have emergences and what not, but please just keep honest.
  • We want you to hang out with other guild members, we are not here to farm gold off of you like other servers and we are like a family so please remember respect your guildmates, we do mediate a bit, but the officers are there to help you, but if someone is causing a serious problem we want you to know you can come to us with it. If we are not on please find a mailbox and ingame mail us and we will handle your problem.
  • We want you to contribute to the guild, and we don't mean financially with gold or anything real, we would like if you would farm mats for the guild, a couple of stacks of mats would be nice and if you cannot this week or if your busy, please contact an officer.
  • We want you to know we are happy that you chose us and that this is just your welcome letter and we are thrilled to have you, but we don't want people in the guild that will cause drama or trouble.
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Welcome to the Dream, guildies!!!!!

Celandine, Oct 16, 12 2:35 PM.


Bellad√łnna, Oct 13, 12 3:09 AM.
    After your application has been accepted and you have access to our guild website please take the time to go thru the forums and fill out any information we have requested. (Please note that you have a limited window of time to fill out this information before it is brought to guild officers and guild masters attention.)
    And please take special care when reading the guild rules as these will apply as soon as you are accepted and welcomed into the guild. If you have any questions reguarding guild rules or forums please feel free to contact a guild officer or master and we will assist you in any way possible.

Links to Sigs now here! Go to Helpful links and resorces for more! They're FREE! Linked to Armory!

Celandine, Oct 12, 12 3:45 AM.


Celandine, Oct 12, 12 2:29 AM.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Fullnight, Oct 3, 12 12:17 AM.
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